Beneficiaries & Value Chains

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Target Groups & Beneficiaries

The action targets 51,250 households in Acholi and Lango regions. All activities will recognize women’s role and potential to influence household nutrition and food security and the nature of the age pyramid in the region, high youth unemployment and reproductive health challenges.

Target groups
⦁ Smallholder farmer households with access to land ≥1.5 acres
⦁ Households that produce at least one of the target commercial commodities
⦁ Farmer groups also known as community livelihood groups and cooperatives
⦁ Women of reproductive age (15-49 years)
⦁ Children between 6-24 months
⦁ Adolescents between 10 – 19 years
⦁ Extension officers.

More than 51,250 small holder farming households, Women of reproductive age (15-49 years), children (6-24 months) and adolescents (10-19 years), extension officers, processors, agro-dealers, aggregators, transporters, community development facilitators, peer leaders/educators, members of community livelihood groups and cooperatives, district local government, rural primary schools, providers of business development services, agricultural insurance providers, and financial institutions, etc.

Enterprises/Value chains

For Commercialisation

⦁ Cassava
⦁ Rice
⦁ Soybeans


For food and nutrition and small-scale income

⦁ Orange flesh sweet potatoes (OFSP)
⦁ Green leafy vegetables
⦁ Fruits
⦁ Poultry
⦁ High-Iron beans
⦁ Yellow maize
⦁ Ground nuts

cash crops