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Result areas and activities

Result area 1.1: Increased production of diversified foods (by IITA and VEDCO)
Activity: 1.1.1 Facilitate the adoption and production of diverse food crops and animal product.
Activity: 1.1.2 Facilitate access to key inputs and output markets for women and men small-scale farmers.
Activity: 1.1.3 Train farmer groups and other small market operators along the value chain in community saving and credit schemes.

Result area 1.2: Increased market accessibility (by Kilimo Trust & Rikolto International)
Activity 1.2.1 Foster linkages between smallholder farmers, agro-processors and market operators.
Activity: 1.2.4 Assess and identify market opportunities and product niches along the stages of the value chain and facilitate market exchanges and contractual agreements.

Result area 1.3: Nutrition and public health interventions (by Bioversity International – Nutrition and ECUREI-Health)
Activity: 1.3.1 Developing and promoting community-based nutrition initiatives including micronutrient supplementation & deworming, promotion of maternal and young child feeding practices, hygiene and sanitation and childcare.
Activity: 1.3.2 Increase the use of effective family planning methods with the aim of decreasing the number of teenage pregnancies and increasing child spacing which address both nutrition and population growth issues.


Cross cutting activities (by Consortium)

Advocacy for institutionalization, catalysing policy, and project visibility
Capacity building,
Monitoring and evaluation
Communication and visibility activities
Learning and reflection events