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App Instruction

District stakeholders

“As the production department, we have our extension officers capable of building capacity of the farmers in production, but our challenge has always been Value addition and post-harvest handling and I am happy for what Kilimo trust under DINU is doing in Kwania (Nambieso and Abongomola) which is solving our problems through renovation of storage facility, distribution of soybean threshers, digital flatform weighing scale. Farmers therefore need to demonstrate transparency and accountability for all this”.

Rice Handling

Storage facility ground breaking ceremony

“The production department and DINU should continue training farmers and the cooperative on GAPs, because without production, farmers cannot bulk produce or utilize the store and if farmers failed to grow crops, there will be food insecurity which is a source of insecurity in our country.”

Other Beneficiaries

“Being a community development promoter (CDP) has made me a role model and reference point for any production, markets, nutrition and health information needs by fellow farmers”

MEL Specialist

“For NAROCAS1, and through training by BRENU, I have learnt that proper land preparation, row planting, and timely weeding are what every farmer should do to get a high cassava yield, nothing less than that”

Dalson Twecan

Crop Production Specialist